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Electronics Articles

Introduction to principles and design of electronic circuits, electronic and mechanical data, constructional articles (including some previously published in magazines and journals), amateur radio and GPS.

A versatile, expandable 4-channel Sequencing Light Controller
This light sequencer has been designed for future expansion by means of a plug-in module, for functions such as sound-to-light.

A Compact Digital TV Antenna for Home Construction
Interested in building a TV Antenna to fit into a restricted space, maybe in a corner of a loft? Then you may find this article of interest. Suits UK Freeview and other systems in a similar frequency band.

Bipolar Junctions The basics of PN junctions and bipolar junction transistors
Modelling the LM35 Temperature Sensor in SPICE
Introduction to Biasing and Load Line Analysis
Physical Fabrication of Transistors, from Point Contact to Planar Epitaxial - Update on ICs and Jack Kilby, June 22 '05
Introduction to Thermionic Valves (Vacuum Tubes)
Introduction to RC coupled Audio Frequency Triode Amplifiers
Geiger-Muller Radiation Monitor and Counter (Constructional Article)
Mechanical Data Page - Tapping and Clearance Drilling, and Imperial/Metric Drill Equivalents
Valve (tube) Data and relevant links
GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems


Brunel Museum and Thames Tunnel
Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders
Albania Travelogue: Pictures and diary from November 1987
Israel Travelogue: Pictures from November 1989
My copy of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", done in September 2004
Online Number of the Beast Calculator
Trams & Light Rail
General Eisenhower Arrives [Historic Photo]
The Slow Blog - Miscellaneous articles in blog format
Useful Links Page

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