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Currently I am including here an RF propagation calculator, an audio WAV file to embedded code converter, a schematic capture program, and an IRC client. I have plenty of other interesting applications but they are either not yet ready for release, or are now obsolete... I hope to add more applications from time to time.



RFProp is a Windows propagation calculator for the transmission path between an RF transmitter and a receiver. It is aimed mainly at free-space and space-wave applications, such as are encountered in VHF, UHF and microwave communications, and also in satellite communications. A knife-edge diffraction calculation is also included which when enabled allows the effects of a hill or other obstruction to be taken into account.

RFProp 1.2 screen shot
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Version 1.20

Updated March 20th, 2011

This updates RFProp with several improvements for better compatibility with Windows 7. It is intended for installation on Windows XP, Windows 7, or later operating systems.

Download [401KB]


RFProp version 1.01 was initially distributed at the 1996 Radio Solutions Conference at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, at which the author delivered a paper on spread spectrum radio. RFProp was part of a free promotional floppy disk handed out at the Central Research Laboratories stand in the industry exhibition associated with the Conference.

Older Versions

Version 1.10 (January 4 2004)

32 bit version of RFProp, with an improved NSIS installation program. Non-standard .ASC file extensions were replaced by .TXT, and the units for "Margin at spec. range" have been corrected from m to dB. File-save dialog was a considerable improvement on the old 16 bit one. Installer updated in 2005 because of false positives from AVG on the old one.

Download [96KB]

Version 1.03 (June 24 1998)

16 bit version

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Download [83KB]

Web links of interest

  1. Propagation Studies Committee of the Radio Society of Great Britain
  2. VHF/UHF/Microwave Radio Propagation: A Primer for Digital Experimenters
  3. Spread Spectrum Scene - Radio Propagation
  4. RF Globalnet


A WAV File to C Code Converter (Click Here for details)
A freeware application for generating sound data in C code format from WAV files, e.g. for embedded processor projects.

Circuit Scribe

Circuit Scribe (also known as Layin, which was its original name) is a circuit/schematic drawing and netlisting program that I have created to give me the ability to illustrate my Electronics web pages.

To install, simply extract the Setup.exe file from the downloaded file, and run it. There is an uninstallation tool on the Start menu. Example project and library files are included.

The software is free for personal non-profit use. It should run on Windows 98, 2000, and XP (I haven't tried it on Windows 7 yet).

Download [1188KB]


Updated April 7, 2005

On-line help files for the software: Circuit Scribe Help

With Circuit Scribe software, you can:
Layin's line and colour editing features allow you to create illustration quality layouts as well as doing routine circuit design and documentation.

To illustrate this, I created an example of a circuit illustration (part of which is shown below), based on an illustration that I created originally in 2001 (in the page thumbnail on the right) for publication (Seymour C J, "The Road to High Frequency Applications for SiC Power Diodes", Power Electronics Europe, Issue 6, 2001).

The example started with standard general library components from the library file "LayIn.lib", which were then modified to thicken lines and include different fill colours in certain component objects, creating the library "Illex.lib", which is also provided in the library samples when Layin is installed, and the circuit layout was further augmented with text and drawing elements, resulting in the example file "PwrOsc.cct".
Thumbnail image of page from Power Electronics Europe, Issue 6, 2001

Extract of Power Oscillator Illustration

For the entire illustration layout, click here.

WinShoe IRC Client [V. 1.34 released July 15, 2001]

Download [390,620 bytes]

WinShoe is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for connecting to IRC networks and finger servers on Windows PCs. Features multiple IRC network connections, aliases and popups, scripts, text searches, wheel mouse, Ident and finger servers, browsing URLs, three colour modes compatible with most existing software, 16 and 32 bit versions. Works on Windows XP and 7.

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